Welcome to Thoho Group

Mission Statement
The THOHO Group is the very embodiment of the notion of African Renewal. As an organization our aim is to realize, through meaningful, successful and sustainable enterprises, the dream of a prosperous tomorrow for the peoples of Africa.

The THOHO Group brings together creative energy and dynamic ideas. It aims to build sustainable projects that reflect its insatiable desire for excellence, prestige and perfection.

Vision Statement 
The THOHO Group looks to reach its target of brand eminence by 2015, through the respective companies within the group, and be recognized among the top 100 companies in South Africa.

Company Activities
The group’s principal activities are; Cleaning Services, Property and Development, Magazines / Diaries / and Books Printing, Music Recording, and Investments.

THOHO Investments: Success is inevitable

THOHO Property and Development: Leaders in property and developments in Africa

THOHO Records: More than just music
Cleaning Services
THOHO Cleaning Services: Office cleaning & commercial cleaning services
THOHO Printers: Quality printing at its best